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Тест на выявление уровня знаний английского языка

Из четырех вариантов выберите единственно правильный:

  1. The English are famous   their tea and their weather.

  2. I’d like  .

  3. Oxford and Cambridge are   universities in Great Britain

  4. The weather was fine and we  .

  5. John is studying contemporary art,  ?

  6. The Guinness Book of Records   in the 50s.

  7.   is known of Julius Caesar’s education except that he studied Greek and Latin literature with a tutor.

  8. John came to see me   It was last Monday, I think.

  9. Chopin began to take piano lessons  .

  10. She’s got a dark  .

  11. The Hermitage   a priceless collection of pictures.

  12. It was a very difficult text. I   look up a lot of words in the dictionary.

  13. People say that the Loch Ness Monster doesn’t look like   other animal alive today.

  14. When the teacher came in, the children  .

  15. Though Christmas is celebrated on December 25, the actual date of Christ’s birth  .

  16. What’s  , Steve?

  17. Is there   snow in England in winter?

  18. His first novel is much more interesting   his second one.

  19. Napoleon didn’t succeed in conquering Russia and  .

  20. Romeo fell in love   Juliet at first sight.

  21. Nobody   to the dentist.

  22. "Who   the window?" the teacher asked angrily.

  23. If I don’t know this or that word, I look it   in the dictionary.

  24.   I wouldn’t buy that coat.

Пройти тест определения уровня
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